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  Trails contained in file: Upper Gold Butte Petroglyphs, Middle Gold Butte, Lower Gold Butte, Clive's Landing, First Rock, Whitney Hartman, Falling Man, Newspaper Rock, Twenty-one Goats, Khota Circus, Whitney Junction, Mud Wash, Oasis, Devils Fire, Kirk's Grotto, Devils Throat, Gold Butte, Devils Cove, Radio Crystal Mine, Whitney Parashant Grand Canyon.

About the trails:

Trails are marked for both SUV and ATV. Some of the books are a bit confusing regarding which trail is for which. Those marked with suv icon and suv iconare known for SUV travel (i.e. there may be some highway portions or other restrictions), those marked with atv icon are known for ATV travel (i.e. it may be ungraded or narrow). Sometimes both can use them, but NOT always, expecially if your rig is not 'street legal.' It's best to check with the local source given, or a local off-roading shop/club before you spend the money for gas to get there.

Is your favorite trail on here?

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