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Descriptions of Master Trail Maps

  1. NCaliforniaTrails.kmz
  2. High Sierra: Dinkey-Trimmer Road, Sycamore Spring, Kings River Trail, Sawmill Flat Road, Granite Gorge Overlook, Spanish OHV, Bald Mountain, Brewer Lake OHV, Big Creek RR Grade, Balloon Dome Spur, Balloon Dome, Mount Tom, Bear Diversion OHV, Onion Creek OHV Route, Peckinpah Road, Whisky Ridge, Browns Meadow, Central Camp Road, Shuteye Peak, Fresno Dome, Quartz Mountain, Iron Lakes, Sugarpine Road, Miami Trail, Ferguson Ridge Spur, Ferguson Ridge, Hites Cove, Burma Grade, Old Coulterville Road, Crocker Ridge, Trumbull Peak Spur, Trumbull Peak, Bodie, Masonic, Mono Lake, Mono Craters, Sawmill Meadows, Laurel Lakes, Convict Lake Overlook, Casa Diablo, Casa Diablo Spur, Coyote Creek, Coyote Flat, White Mountain Road, Silver Canyon, Saline Valley Road, Papoose Flat, The Narrows, Harkless Spur, Harkless Flat, Mazourka Peak, Sierra View.
  3. North Coast: Rayhouse Road, Walker Ridge Road, Bartlett Springs Road, Pacific Ridge Trail, Lovelady Ridge Trail, Log Spring Ridge Trail, Red Mountain, Nome Cult Mountain House, Vestal and Pettyjohn Roads, Beegum Gorge Trail, Knob Peak, Hall City Cave, Low Divide Road, Howland Hill Road, Redwood National Park Coastal Drive, Gold Bluffs, Bald Hills Road, Shelton Butte, Patterson Road, Ukonom Mountain, Hennessy Ridge Spur, Hennessy Ridge, Bowerman Ridge Spur, Bowerman Ridge, Deadwood Road, South Shore Drive, Shasta Bally, Backbone Road, Backbone Ridge, iron Canyon resevoir, Grizzly Peak, McCloud River Road Spurs, McCloud River Road, Toad Lake, Mount Shasta Loop, Military Pass, Herd Peak, Klamath River Road, Siskiyou Mountains, Medicine Lake, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Sand Buttes, Fairchild Swamp, Surprise Valley spur, Surprise Valley, Obsidian Needles, FAndango Pass Spur, Fandango Pass, New Pine Creek, Fort Bidwell, Dismal Swamp, Highgrade Trail Spur, Highgrade Trail.
  4. Northern Sierra: Clavey Bridge Road, Lumsden Bridge Road, Bourland Trestle, Dodge Ridge, Crandall Peak spur, Crandall Peak, Pinecrest Peak spur, Pinecrest Peak, 4.700-Foot Road, Black Springs Route, Calaveras Dome spur1, Calaveras Dome spur2, Calaveras Dome, Corrall Hollow OHV Route, Mattley Ridge, Red and Blue Lakes Spur, Red and Blue Lakes, Baltic Ridge, Slate Mountain Spur, Slate Mountain, Pony Express, Angora Lakes Road, McKineey Creek, Blackwood Canyon, Mount Watson Spur 1 & 2, Mount Watson, Soda Springs Road, Soda Springs spur 1 and 2, Henness Pass Spur, Henness Pass, Boca Ridge and Verdi Peak, Independence Lake, Summit City Loop, North Bloomfield-Bowman Lake, Alleghany, Sierra Buttes, Gold Lake, Poker Flat OHV, Chimney Rock OHV, Forbestown to Feather Falls, Milsap Bar, Three Lakes, Brizzly Ridge, Diamond Mountains, Thompson Peak, Belfast Petroglyphs, Antelope Mountain and Crater Lakes, Susan River to Juniper Lake, Humboldt, Ponderosa Way, Hogsback Road, Peligreen-Grapevine Jeepway, West Prospect Peak, Hat creek Riim, Murken Bench, Burney Mountain, Popcorn Cave, Hayden Hill, Likely Mountain, Buckhorn Backcountry Byway, Bearcamp Flat, Payne Peak.
  1. SCaliforniaTrails.kmz
  2. Central mountains: Movie Flat, Packsaddle Meadow, Rancheria Road, Thymes Road, Portuguese Pass, Bull Run Basin, Piute Mountain Road, Jawbone Canyon Road, Dove Spring Canyon, Bird Spring Pass, Delilah Fire Lookou9t, Chimney Peak Byway, Opal Canyon, Nightmare Gulch Overlook, Last Chance Canyon, Burro Schmidt Tunnel, Sheep Spring, Koehn Lake, government Peak, Frazier Mountain, San Emigido Mountain, Davis Flat, Cuyama Peak, Potrero Seco, Nordhoff Ridge, Big Caliente Spring, Camino Cielo Road, Miranda Pine Road, Buckhorn Ridge, Sierra Madre Road, Bates Canyon, Big Rocks, Whitaker Risearch Forest, Twin Rocks, Branch Creek, Paradise Road, Pozo Road, Pine Mountain, Hi Mountain Road, Parkfield Grade, Willow Creek Road, Cherry Flat, Buck Rock Fire Lookout, Buck Road, Solo Peak Road, Windy Gap.
  3. Desert: Palen Pass, Blythe Intaglios, Blythe Vidal Road, Gold Rice Mine, Whipple Mountains, Cadiz Road, Skeleton Pass, Black Metal Mine, Amboy Crater, Lost Arch Inn, Eagle Pass, Mojave Road, East Llanfair Road, New York Mountains, Macedonia Canyon, Nipton Desert Road, Cima Dome, Ivanpah Mountains, Starbright Trail, Black Canyon, Grass Valley, Trona Pinnacles, Coliseum Gorge, Kingston Wash, Sperry Wash Route, Alexander Hills, Harry Wade Exit Route, Ibex Dunes, Ibex Spring, Owlshead Mountains Spur, Owlshead Mountains, Death Valley West Side Road, Mengel Pass, Slate Range, Pleasant Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Deadman Pass, Echo Canyon, Funeral Ranges, Titus Canyon, Chloride City Spur, Cottonwood Canyon, Skidoo, Darwin Falls Spur, Darwin Falls, Cactus Flat, Saline Valley Road, Cerro Gordo Road, Swansea Cerro Gordo Road, Lippencott Mine, The Racetrack.
  4. South Coast: Liebre Mountain Trail, Grass Mountain, Tule Ridge Trail, Sierra Pelona Trail, Santa Clara Divide Road, Beartrap Canyon Trail, Pinyon Ridge Spur, Pinyon Ridge Trail, Upper Lytle Creek Ridge Trail, Cleghorn Ridge Trail, Sugarpine Mountain, Big Pine Flat, Burns And Rattlesnake Canyons, Ord Moutain, Daggett Wash, Rodman Mountains, Main Divide Road, Bee Canyon to Pine Cove Road, North Coyote Canyon, Palomar Divide Road, Santa Ysabel Creek Spur, Santa Ysabel Creek Trail, Mine Wash, South Coyote Canyon, Truckhaven, fonts Point, Arroyo Salado, Calcite Mine, Fish Creek-Sandstone Canyon, Arroyo Seco Del Diablo, Vallecito Wash Spur, Vallecito Wash Trail, Dos Cabezas Road, Dos Cabezas Spur, Painted Gorge-Carrizo Mountain, McCain Valley Road, Los Pinos, Otay Mountain Truck, Berdoo Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park Geology Tour, Old Dale Road, Brooklyn Mine Road, Brooklyn Mine Spur, Pinkham Canyon, Red Canyon, Bradshaw, Milpitas Wash, Cibola Wildlife Refuge, Black Mountain Road, Indian Pass Road, Ferguson Lake Road.
  5. Find_A_Topo_Map.kmz
  6. A file of USGS 1:24,000 Quad maps for Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado.

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