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  1. Nevada ATV/SUV Trail Files:
  2. Nevada Trails
    ATV and SUV trails throughout the three regions of Nevada.
  3. Bunkerville-Mesquite
    Many ATV specific trails around the Mesquite and Bunkerville Nevada
  4. Gold Butte
    Many ATV specific trails on the Gold Butte near Bunkerville Nevada.
  5. Kokopelli Club Rides
    The rides submitted by the Kokopelli ATV club in Mesquite.
  6. USGS Topo Maps
    The official government site for downloadable maps in .jpg, .kmz, and .pdf formats.
  7. Gold Butte OpenClosed Master
    This is a compilation (partial) of the BLM's trail closure maps of 2009-10.
  8. Mesquite-Bunkerville Trail Map
    This is a compilation of the 'verified' trails in the Mesquite-Bunkerville riding area - just the trails.
  9. Great Basin SUV S Nevada
    NEW - This is part of a series of maps of trails found in the Great Basin Area, the Southern Nevada portion.
  10. Great Basin SUV SW Nevada
    NEW - This is part of a series of maps of trails found in the Great Basin Area, the Southwest Nevada portion.
  11. Nevada USGS Features
    NEW - This is a Google Earth map of all the USGS registered 'features' in Nevada - Too huge to actually list.
  12. Mines in Nevada
    NEW - This is a Google Earth map of all the USGS registered mines in Nevada - Too huge to actually list by specific mine.

Descriptions of Master Trail Maps

  1. NevadaTrails.kmz
  2. Great Basin: [Send in your trail].
  3. Western Nevada: Newly Updated! Park Canyon, Ophir Ghost Town, Jefferson Ghost Town, Columbus Ghost town, Candaleria Ghost Town and Belleville Town Site, Marietta Wild Burros and Teels Marsh, Silverdyke Ghost Town, Simon Ghost town, Goldyke, Atwood, and Pactolus Mining Camps, Downeyville Mining Camp, Lodi Hills Mining district, Quartz Mountain and Broken Hills Mining Districts, Rawhide Mining District, Pony Express, Talapoosa Mining District, Poeville Mining District, Thomas Creek, Old Geiger Grade Toll Road, Jumbo Grade, McClellan Peak, Ophir Grade, Kings Canyon Trail, Genoa Peak, Spooner Summit, Logan House Creek, Bluestone, Ludwig Ghost Town, Churchill Station, Churchill Cyn to Churchill Station, Churchill Canyon, Sunrise Pass, Como Ghost Town, Carson River, Risue Canyon, Sand Canyon to Nye Canyon, Scott's Canyon, Pine Grove Ghost Town, Allum Creek Canyon, Aurora and Bodie Ghost town, Bobcat Loop.
  4. Southern Nevada: Logandale Loop, [Send in your trail].
  5. Bunkerville-Mesquite.kmz
  6. Bunkerville-Mesquite: North Valley Loop, Keyhole Rock, Great Eastern Mine, Cabin Canyon, Budweiser Fence, Hidden Canyon, Radio Tower, Lime Kiln Canyon, Upper Gold Butte Road, Key West Mine, Apex Mine, Lime Kiln Loop, Eardley, East Bunkerville Flats, West Bunkerville Flats, Whitney-Parashant, Powerline, Canyonlands of Gold Butte, Beaver Dam Wash, '3-Corners,' Logandale Trails, trail "A - the Boot", Mormon Trail, snowbirding 2009 trails, Kokopelli ATV club 2009 trails, Lone Mesa, Scanlon Ferry Road, Lake Mead.
  7. GoldButte.kmz
  8. Gold Butte: Upper Gold Butte Petroglyphs, Middle Gold Butte, Lower Gold Butte, Clive's Landing, First Rock, Whitney Hartman, Falling Man, Newspaper Rock, Twenty-one Goats, Khota Circus, Whitney Junction, Mud Wash, Oasis, Devils Fire, Kirk's Grotto, Devils Throat, Gold Butte Mine, Devils Cove, Radio Crystal Mine, Whitney Parashant Grand Canyon.
  9. Kokopelli.kmz
  10. Kokopelli Club Rides: Apex Mine, Virgin River Beach, Virgin River Overlook, Toquop Wash, Delamar, Duck Creek, Henry, Byron - Overton, Gold Butte Mine, First Rock, Kurt's Grotto, Scanlon Ferry Road, Gregg's Wash.
  11. Find_A_Topo_Map.kmz
  12. A file of USGS 1:24,000 Quad maps for Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado.
  13. Gold Butte OpenClosed Master.kmz
  14. BLM Trails on Gold Butte (Open/Closed): GB Byway, Clive's (114), Fisherman's Cove (113), Virgin River Landing (112), Narrows-Fisherman's Cove, Whitney, Virgin, Petroglyph Trail, First Rock, 21 Goats, Lollipops, Devil's Fire, Kurt's Bluff, Mine, Mud Wash, Throat, St Thomas, Blue Trail, Tramp, Horse, GB, Garden, Radio Crystal Mine Trail, Bills, Pierson, F (Closed), G (Closed), L (Closed), N (Closed), (Closed), V (Closed), W (Closed), X (Closed), Y (Closed), Z (Closed), B1 (Closed), B5 (Closed), C1 (Closed), C5 (Closed), E1 (Closed), G1 (Closed), H1 (Closed), I1 (Closed), J1 (Closed), K1 (Closed), L1 (Closed), M1 (Closed), N1 (Closed), O1 (Closed), P1 (Closed), P4 (Closed), Q1 (Closed), R1 (Closed), S1 (Closed), AA2 (Closed), BB2 (Closed), BB3 (Closed), BB4 (Closed), BB5 (Closed), BB7 (Closed), BB8 (Closed), BB10 (Closed), CC1 (Closed), CC2 (Closed), CC3 (Closed), CC4 (Closed), DD2 (Closed), No Name (Closed), DD3 (Closed), DD4 (Closed), DD5 (Closed), EE1 (Closed), HH1 (Closed), HH2 (Closed), HH3 (Closed), HH4 (Closed), hh5 (Closed), HH6 (Closed), HH7 (Closed), HH8 (Closed), HH9 (Closed), JJ2 (Closed), JJ3 (Closed), JJ4 (Closed), JJ9 (Closed) and NRA Narrows (Closed), NRA Wash (Closed).
  15. Mesquite-Bunkerville Trail Map.kml
  16. Mesquite-Bunkerville Trail's: North Valley Loop, Key Hole Rock Trail, Great Eastern Mine Trail, Hidden Canyon Trail, Radio Tower Trail, Mesquite-Parashant Loop, Upper Gold Butte Road, Key West Mine, Spur_trk, Lime Kiln Loop, Eardley TH, Apex Mine Trail, Cabin Cyn, Powerline, Cross-Flats, Canyonlands, Whiterock Connector, Middle Canyon Connect, Key West, Three Corners, Trans-flats, Pinnacle, Pioneer wagon trail, North Flats, Lone Mesa, Mesquite Ravines, Toquop Wash, Sheep Pens Cutoff, Flat Top Mesa, Middle-Indian-Cow Canyons, South Fork Road, Clives-Lake Mead, Grand Gulch Mine, North Valley and Latham Bottom.
  17. Great Basin SUV S Nevada.kmz
  18. Great Basin Trails-Southern Nevada: Gypsum Cave Trail, Kodachrome Rd Trail, Anniversary Mine Trail, West End Wash (N) Trail, West End Wash (S) Trail, Bitter Spring Byway, Weiser Valley Trail, Logandale Loop Trail, Grapevine Spring Trail, Mormon Well Rd Trail, Red Rock (Alt) Trail, Rocky Gap Trail, Potosi Mine Hike, Potosi Peak Trail, Goodsprings Trail, Willow-Griffith, Griffith Peak Hike, Table Mountain Trail, Additional (undescribed), Crystal Pass Trail, Devil Canyon Trail, Black Canyon Ovlk Trail, Boy Scout Canyon, Canyon Point Mesa, 154, 154A, 155, 155A, Black Canyon/Burro Wash, Eagle Wash Trail, Forlorn Hope Spring Trail, Lake Mohave, Over Eldorados, Aztec Wash Trail, Montana Wash Trail, Fire Mountain Cove Trail, Black Joe Mine Rd Trail, Horse Thief Cyn, Eldorado Jeep Trail, Keyhole Canyon Trail, Sunset, Lewis Holes, Newberry Mountain Trail, Granite Spring, Wallace Canyon, Wheeler Pass, Mount Schader, Three Lees and Tungsten Canyon.
  19. Great Basin SUV SW Nevada.kmz
  20. Great Basin Trails-Southwest Nevada: Tram Ridge Trail, Rhyolite, Bare Mountain, Pioneer-Mayflower Mines, Bonnie Claire, Stonewall Falls Trail, Las Vegas and Tonopah RR, Montezuma Range, Lowe Rock Shelter, Klondike, Road To Rays, Weepah, Gilbert, Coaldale, Columbus Salt Marsh, Fish Lake Valley, Truman Meadows, White Mountain Traverse, Old RR Tunnel, Mustang Point, Mustang (Poss Alts), Chandelaria Pipeline, Chandelaria Pipeline (Poss Alts), Jacks Spring, The Sump, Teels Marsh, Teels Marsh (alt), Silver Dyke Mine, Pilot Peak Traverse Trail, Cinnabar Canyon, Gold and Fossils, New York-Volcano Cyn, Forgotten Pamlico, Mi-4, Aurora, Alum Creek, Corey Peak and Corey Peak (Alt).
  21. Nevada USGS Features.kmz
  22. Nevada USGS Features: (Way too many to list here)
  23. USGS Nevada Mines.kmz
  24. Mine locations in Nevada: (Way too many to list here)

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