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Offroad GPS Maps & Trails — areas outside the "intermountain" region

Download a Master Map File

One: Choose a free Google Earth master map below.
Two: Double-click the filename and choose "open" to start Google Earth.
Three: Open 'read me first' for instructions and go - simple 'eh.

  1. Offroad ATV/SUV Trail Files:
  2. Offroad.kmz (0.1 mb)
    ATV and SUV trails for areas not covered in the main tabs. The master file grows as submissions and verifications come in for places other than the immediate Intermountain West.
  3. USGS Topo Maps
    The official government site for downloadable maps in .jpg, .kmz, and .pdf formats.
  4. Montana USGS Features (3.1 mb)
    Waypoints for all the features the USGS considers should be displayed on a 1:24,000 map.

Descriptions of Master Trail Maps

  1. Offroad.kmz
  2. Alaska: Iditarod, landing strips and airports, USGS features
  3. Idaho:
  4. Montana:
  5. New Mexico:
  6. Oregon:
  7. Washington:
  8. Wyoming: Cambell Lake Loop ATV/SUV Trail, .
  9. US National: US state boundaries, US county boundaries by state.
  10. Find_A_Topo_Map.kmz
  11. A file of USGS 1:24,000 Quad maps for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
  12. USGS Features Files .kmz
  13. USGS: These files have been converted into Google Earth waypoints from official USGS files. They include all the features (lakes, streams, mines, locations, mountains etc.) which the USGS feels should be included on US maps at the 1:24,000 scale level.

Missing Your Favorite Trail?

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